Digital Camera Surveillance

Digital camera surveillance with two way audio communication is now actively preventing crime rather than simply providing evidence after the event has occurred. When movement is detected after hours, our 24 Hour Security control room can assess the situation and speak directly to the site warning unauthorised personnel to leave.

Tablets and mobile devices are a convenient way for your cameras to stay at your fingertips. CCTV also aids in staff monitoring actively assists in analysing OH&S incidents and therefor preventing future occurrences.

Camera types

Vandal Proof Dome

Vandal proof dome cameras are ideal for locations where tampering may be possible. Hardened steel and bullet proof glass protect the internals of the camera.

Internal Dome

Internal dome cameras are designed for indoor use and discretely fit with any decor.


Infrared cameras allow vision in low light areas. Turning black and white at night these cameras give excellent detail.

Full Bodied

Full Bodied Housings provide complete protection to full bodied cameras housing within. Ideal for outdoor applications.


Bullet cameras are a sleek alternative to full bodied cameras and can offer inbuilt Infrared illumination for vision in low light areas.


Fisheye cameras allow a 360 degree field of view eliminating the need for multiple cameras in a single space.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom

Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras allow for automated or manual control over what the camera is focusing on.

Number Plate Recognition

Number Plate Recognition cameras coupled with recognition software provide automated access functions depending on a user’s number plate.


Thermal cameras allow for movement to be detected over a large area in no light situations such as large loading yards.

Discrete Keypad

Discrete pinhole cameras can be mounted into a variety of keypads allowing the keypad use to be monitored.


Cameras specifically designed for transport applications allow for a full 360 degree view within a vehicle or weather and vandal resistant on the exterior of the vehicle.

Marine Camera

Marine cameras are ideal for hard weather or corrosive environments. These cameras are manufactured with stainless steel and include self cleaning mechanisms to ensure a clean crisp view.

EOS (Master Distributor of Samsung CCTV product in Australia and NZ) has worked with Evan and his team at Alarmquip for many years, supplying them with Samsung CCTV product.
As a supplier you rely on the Companies using your product to do a professional installation and represent your product well to their clients.
We have always found the team at Alarmquip to be honest, well skilled and professional in their activities and are proud to count them as a client.

Denis Dempsey
EOS Australia

Commercial Grade Digital Surveillance Solutions

Basic –
Single Camera



  • Easy to use
  • Standalone
  • Backup battery (UPS) supported
  • Mobile and tablet viewing
  • SD Card Storage

Moderate –
Network Video Recorder



  • Simple to use
  • Camera capacity limited
  • Backup battery (UPS) supported
  • Mobile and tablet viewing
  • Limited recording storage
  • Integrate with existing I.T. infrastructure
  • Backup to DVD or USB memory stick
  • Single High Definition monitor output
  • Options for analogue and digital cameras combined

Advanced –



  • Mobile and tablet viewing
  • High Definition video display walls
  • Unlimited storage
  • Integrate with existing I.T. infrastructure
  • Multiple users
  • Two way audio communication
  • Unlimited camera options
  • Backup to DVD or USB memory stick
  • Backup battery (UPS) supported

Enterprise –
Video Management Software



  • Unlimited storage
  • Mobile and tablet viewing
  • Access control integration
  • High Definition video display walls
  • Unlimited recording
  • Integrate with existing I.T. infrastructure
  • Two way audio communication
  • Audio recording
  • Unlimited cameras
  • Backup to DVD or USB memory stick
  • Multiple users and monitors
  • Backup battery (UPS) supported
  • Options for analogue and digital cameras combined
  • User training recommended

Camera quality comparison

1 Megapixel Quality

2 Megapixel Quality

3 Megapixel Quality

5 Megapixel Quality

8 Megapixel Quality

*Prices stated above are on a per camera basis. Contact us for a firm price on your project.

Display Options

Desk Mount Screen

Television Display Wall

Control Software



Pricing outlined on this website are a guide only. Alarmquip Security Systems reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.