Data and Telephony

Alarmquip offer data and telephony services in conjunction with our security solutions. By utilising WIFI bridges and high speed data backbones we’re able to delivery custom security solutions.

WIFI Bridging

Using a peer to peer WIFI bridge allows for Ethernet based communication between two points over long distances. This technology allows for IP devices such as access controllers or CCTV cameras to be placed in remote locations.

CCTV Bridge

The below diagram illustrates how a CCTV camera can be connected to your ADSL modem router via a WIFI Bridge allowing the camera to be viewed remotely via PC, tablet or mobile telephone.

Access Control Bridge

The below diagram illustrates how an access control keypad can be connected to your AccessEzy Building management software providing connectivity to your access control system at your remote site.

Data Backbone

Alarmquip can provide a comprehensive communications backbone allowing all of your security and CCTV systems to seamlessly integrate with your I.T. systems. This allows for complete control and usability over your security systems.

IP Telephony

IP Telephone systems are not only included in our Self Storage Integration packages but also commercially available for our clients. Leading features include; Caller ID, voice-mail, auto attendant, iPhone and Android remote access, custom music on hold tracks and multiple handset options including headsets and long range cordless telephones. The below diagram illustrates how your IP telephone system utilises your existing data cabling backbone.