Security Alarms

Our security alarms systems offer unprecedented intruder detection along with fire and medical alert options. Our technicians have experience in domestic and commercial installations and we easily liaise with both clients and builders to ensure a positive security outcome.

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Benefits and features of a Security Alarm

  • Secure your premises from unauthorized intruders
  • Fire and medical alerts
  • Control access to doors and lighting
  • Machinery failure notification (i.e. Cold room, conveyor, etc.)
  • Monitor staff traffic
  • Instant notification via SMS or our 24 Hour Security Monitoring
  • Lower Insurance Costs*
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All of our new security alarm systems are NBN ready.

Video verification alarms

Video verification alarms work by alerting your tablet or mobile telephone when an alarm event occurs. When sensors detect movement a short video file is sent to your tablet or mobile device. You may then review the video footage associated with the alarm event and respond accordingly. Wireless sensors as well as 3G communication options are also available.

Basic – Bosch Solution 3000


Ideal for

  • Residential
  • Small offices


  • Wireless device compatible
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring compatible
  • NBN ready

Moderate – Bosch Solution 6000


Ideal for

  • Large homes
  • Small business
  • Large offices
  • Warehouses


  • Wireless device compatible
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring compatible
  • Smartphone App for remote Arm/Disarm, history view and push notifications
  • SMS Reports available
  • Proximity token compatible
  • Easily add, delete or change user codes via LCD keypad
  • Basic access control functionality
  • NBN ready

Advanced – Protégé


Ideal for

  • Enterprise applications
  • Secure offices
  • High security shopping outlets


  • Wireless device compatible
  • 24 Hour Security Monitoring compatible
  • Proximity token compatible
  • No PC required onsite
  • Cloud based management of codes
  • History reporting
  • Customised access
  • Smartphone App
  • Proximity token compatible
  • Advanced, multi door access control functionality
  • NBN ready

System Components

Quad PIR Sensor

Quad Sensors detected movement only. These devices have a maximum coverage of 12 m.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

TriTech PIR Sensor

TriTech Sensors must detect both movement and changes in heat simultaneously before activating. These devices have a maximum coverage of 12 m. Pet Friendly options are also available allowing your Pet to roam without activating your alarm.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

Professional TriTech PIR Sensor

Professional TriTech Sensors detect both movement and changes in heat while also offering digital processing technology further reducing false alarms. These devices have a maximum coverage of 18 m.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

Panoramic PIR Sensor

Panoramic sensors provide a full 360 degree view. Different options are available for different ceiling heights from 7 m to 18 m.

Outdoor PIR Sensor

Outdoor sensors have in built technology to ignore environmental changes such as trees moving, washing flapping, etc. These devices are also weather resistant.

Smoke Detector

Early detection is essential for fire situations. Our smoke detectors have a unique double backup battery system.

Glass Break Sensor

Glass break sensors activate on the sound of breaking glass. Coupled with PIR’s these are a great detection option.

Proximity Token

Proximity tokens allow for easy arming and disarming of your alarm system, negating the need to enter your PIN code. Tokens can also be used to log staff arrival and exit.

Key fob Remote

Key fob remotes provide a convenient way to arm and disarm your alarm system within a near proximity to your premises.

Night Arm Station

All of our alarm systems allow for arming at night while still at home. A night arm station provides an easy solution to turn STAY mode on at night.

External Siren and Strobe Light

Our corrosion resistant siren and strobe kits admit an audible tone and visual reference of an alarm event.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

Internal Piezo Siren

Internal piezo sirens produce a high audible tone within the premises designed to be as uncomfortable as possible.
*Also available in flush mount option.

Wireless Receiver

Wireless receivers allow for communication to wireless devices such as; Key fob Remotes, PIR Sensors, Sirens, etc. Receivers can be located in the alarm panel or central located to provide improved coverage.

Door Reed Switch

Reed switches provide early detection to intrusions. Several models are available to monitor roller doors, pedestrian access door and gates.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

GPRS and GSM Backup

GPRS and GSM backup options allow the alarm panel to report to our 24 Hour Security Monitoring Centre even if the premises telephone line fails.

Safe Seismic

A safe seismic is installed within your safe and is designed to trigger when movement or vibration is detected.

Duress Button

Duress buttons allow for discrete, audible or visual duress alerts. The device has two buttons that require to be pressed simultaneously eliminating false alarms.

*Also available in wireless options. (Wireless receiver required)

Alarm Panel Battery

Alarm Panel batteries allow the system to stay operational in the vent of a power failure. Batteries usually can last anywhere from two to four years. We recommend replacing your battery every two years.


Pricing outlined on this website are a guide only. Alarmquip Security Systems reserves the right to change pricing at any time without notice.