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Self Storage CCTV, Access Control, Alarms and Audio – National Storage Milton

Our fifth project for National Storage has recently completed. Working closely with PPQ Group we were able to provide another turn-key solution in this five story center for National Storage in Milton. As this brand grows in the Australian Market our team worked hard to customize our systems to provide greater functionality and ease.

  • IP video surveillance comprising of over 40 cameras
  • Complete building security alarm
  • Complete uninterruptible power supply system
  • Managed WIFI network for corporate access
  • PTI access control
  • Custom keypad stands
  • Lift access control
  • Lighting automation
  • HVAC control
  • Custom lift keypad assemblies
  • Over 600 doors alarmed
  • Background music
  • Public address

Note: For the protection of our client and to ensure their security Alarmquip will not disclose any further information in relation to this project.

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