Self Storage Security & Integration

Here at Alarmquip we have implemented simple turnkey solutions to over 500 self storage facilities Australia wide. Integrating all the leading brands from software to access control we take care of the hard yards and provide the training and ongoing support required.

What does a “Turnkey Solution” mean?

We take a holistic approach and offer our clients everything they need under one roof. We ensure your storage facility is equipped with the technology needed for your first day of trading. The prelim work has been completed and training is all that is needed before trading begins.

How our systems integrate

For your self storage facility to operate many systems are required enabling you to be on-top of your facility. We ensure our systems are user friendly and day to day operations run smoothly. By allowing us to take a holistic approach toward your facility if the need for assistance arises, we take care of the issue and ensure it’s resolved.

What we offer

Access Control

By implementing access control at your facility user movements can be monitored. Gates and roller doors can easily be integrated allowing users the ability to seamlessly access your facility. Access control can also restrict customers outside of hours or if outstanding charges are present. The access control software can also provide a full history report of user movements.

Lighting Control

AccessEzy provides easy lighting control reducing energy consumption. When a user PINs in the corridors or driveways leading to their unit are automatically illuminated. When a user PINs out the lights are switched off automatically.

Gate installation and integration

Automatic gates aid in seamless access to your facility when integrated with your access control. High rigid aluminium gates coupled with industrial motors keeps your facility safe and guaranteed to last under high workload. We look after the manufacturing, installation and integration with your access control system while also ensuring you or your architect’s vision is met.


High resolution CCTV can provide high clarity surveillance across your facility. New IP High resolution cameras can provide better coverage than standard analogue cameras. Fisheye cameras provide a 360° view of your site, ideal for corridors and offices.

Background music, public address and automated announcements

Background music removes the harsh atmosphere of your storage facility. As the facility manager you have complete control over what plays at what time. Your customised advertising track can play throughout the day reminding clients of what you can offer. Public address functionality and automated announcements allow for instructions to be given to clients. For example if a client opens their unit without entering their PIN code an automated announcement can play instructing them to enter their PIN.

Data Services

By implementing a high speed data backbone, systems such as computers, telephones, access control and CCTV can easily be expanded if your facility grows. Integrated WIFI allows for you to stay connected across your facility while providing guest access (with restrictions) to your clients.

Individual Unit Alarms

By individually alarming each unit in your facility you can offer your clients a truly secure storing environment. Individual unit alarms also provide unique programming opportunities such as; if a user forgets to pin out the lights can automatically switch off 15 minutes after their unit closes.

Lift Control

Lift control allows clients access to only their designated level within your facility. If a client stores across two levels, their access rights are simply changed. Upon entering the lift the client enters their unique PIN in the PIN pad. Once the client is verified they are able to select their desired level.


Clients can often need assistance within your storage facility, whether it may be inquiring where trolleys are housed or they may have forgotten their PIN at the entry gate. Intercom systems can be easily integrated into access PIN pads and provide direct communication to the manager’s office or mobile telephone, allowing clients to be served more efficiently.

Computer workstations and software

Having a hassle free I.T. network allows you to optimise your day and work efficiently. We supply, configure and install your workstations and peripherals ensuring all your software and security systems work coherently together.


Having an advanced IP telephony system with simple to use handsets takes away the hassle of multiple inbound telephone calls. When working on your own clients are simply placed in a queue listening to your personalised promotional music. If clients are left waiting too long they can simply leave a message or be directed to a manager’s mobile telephone. Long range cordless telephones are also a great way to stay in touch while walking your facility.